The benefits of Valerian and Hawthorn

The benefits of Valerian and Hawthorn

Insomnia is a very common occurrence among the population, and among those who suffer from this condition we have people who have difficulty in Falling asleep and people who have difficulty maintaining rest night.
This symptom involves insufficient sleep or inadequate quality.
Insomnia tends to be a temporary disorder related to psychophysical discomfort, can affect any person, and varies in duration.

We can divide it into several types:
– Sporadic episodes due to transient anxious states;
– chronic episodes, which become disabling over time as they negatively affect the mental and physical well-being and quality of life of the sufferer.

But when can it manifest itself?
– In childhood: these are sleep disorders related to difficulty falling asleep;
– In adolescence: occurs as a result of hormonal changes;
– In adults: arises due to worry and nervous tension;
– In the elderly: it is related to neurological and emotional changes;

It is differentiated into:
– Primary, unrelated to any event;
– Secondary, related to psychophysical impairment.

Those who suffer from it develop frequent awakenings that can be traced to the onset of cardiovascular disease and altered macronutrient metabolism (especially carbohydrates) and lowered immune defenses. Other effects of insomnia are palpitations, anxiety, abdominal pain, and osteoarticular pain upon waking.
A useful aid in reducing these episodes can be the intake of phytotherapeutic products.
Valerian, for example, is a medicinal herb that can be used against insomnia: the ancient Romans already made extensive use of it and it is also useful to combat nervousness and anxiety. Its effects on the body are related to a mix of compounds that act as natural sedatives (flavonoids, alkaloids, and essential oils). Valeriana Officinalis is commonly used for itssedative action against anxiety and sleep disruption: in fact, it contains hypnoinductive substances that promote night rest and relaxants, which act on reducing the time to fall asleep and improve rest.
The second herb useful in cases of anxiety and to prevent insomnia is Hawthorn, which is also rich in antioxidant substances and promotes the regular function of the cardiovascular system. Due to the action of tannins, it promotes a relaxing effect by increasing the feeling of well-being.

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