Our mental and physical well-being manifests itself through the skin, the largest organ of our body, revealing what is going on inside ourselves. Therefore, it must be listened to carefully and then cared for accordingly: inside and out.
A proper lifestyle, healthy diet and adequate physical activity are particularly important for preventing the damage of skin aging, however, the skin also needs external nourishment, direct care to counteract changes at the cellular and structural level caused by the effect of time and external factors, such as sun exposure and pollution.
Matt cosmetics is the line of face and body cosmetics aimed at anyone who wants to improve the well-being of their skin.
All Matt products feature proven active ingredients and highly qualitative targeted formulations.

The AgeActiv Face Line offers cutting-edge, serious and reliable solutions to effectively combat wrinkles and signs of aging and offers a comprehensive beauty program to complement every woman’s beauty routine consisting of:

  • Shock Treatment, convenient ultra-concentrated single-dose vials that give a booster effect to the skin, to be used for 1 week.
  • Serum, concentrated elixir to be used alone or with the shock treatment for an enhanced synergistic effect.
  • Mask, practical disposable fabric face mask without rinsing.

Body Treatments offer exclusive and registered formulas specifically for reshaping the silhouette and giving the skin moisture and nourishment.

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