At Matt, “Quality” means a 360° pursuit of excellence in all the formulistic aspects related to product safety and of consumer satisfaction.

For this reason, operative procedural standards and rigorous control systems have been established for every phase of production and distribution of products.

All Matt’s production is carried out exclusively at approved suppliers who offer a high standard of quality and safety and meet all requirements for reliability and assurance in procurement. All suppliers are constantly controlled and evaluated with periodic detailed visits to the various productive units to compare the production processes with the established guidelines and to continually research innovative solutions for improving products under the nutritional and ingredient profile. All batches of our products, before being put on the market, rigorous controls to verify that they respect the quality and safety specifications defined in our purchasing specifications.

Several periodic analyses are also carried out in certified external laboratories, internationally recognized, to verify the Quality and Safety of finished products.


Matt accepts direct responsibility for the quality of its products registered Matt supplements, Matt Pharma Division, Matt foods and Matt cosmetics, for the companies that produce them, controlling the production chain.

EU Organic Guarantee

Logo conceived for use by companies whose methods of production and products have undergone verification, on the part of an authorized third-party and have resulted in conformity to the EU standards for Organic Agriculture.


Organism of control authorized by the Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies for the certification of quality and the verification of organic products throughout the production chain.

Jerusalem Kosher

It is the primary organism in Israel to guarantee products that respect the stringent rules dictated by the Jewish religion.

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