Matt offers the most complete range of dietary supplements and medicinal products in large-scale distribution. The complete gamut of Matt supplements and medicinal products, including those of an herbal nature, from oriental tradition, for athletes, for weight loss, vitamins, and minerals, are produced in the Group’s factories or by important pharmaceutical companies offering elevated standards of quality and safety, controlled and evaluated through rigorous supply chain management processes.  

The Matt foods and vegetal beverages are all functional, organic, balanced and studied for the consumer who wants to eat healthily and stay fit, in any moment of the day, without sacrificing flavor. Rich nutritional properties are ideal for the whole family as well as those with specific nutritional needs.

The Matt cosmetics are studied, tested, and made for those desiring to “nourish” their personal wellbeing through beauty regimes that are effective and specific for the face and the body.

Here’s why “Matt. Nourishes your well-being.”

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