Matt was founded in 1996 to meet the growing wellness needs of consumers in G.D.O. In a short time, it gained leadership in the dietary supplement market and a leading position in Biofunctional Nutrition.

In 2010, he expanded the boundaries of nutrition to meet the emerging wellness needs of consumers in a comprehensive and innovative way: not only “in” nutrition but also “out” nutrition: Matt cosmetics division was born.


Matt is Nutrition and Wellness and is the “umbrella brand” that brings together different product categories under itself. It aims to express the utmost expertise in the field of Food Supplementation, Organic and Functional Nutrition and Cosmetics, offering innovative nutritional solutions for the consumer who has a positive, design-oriented approach to the pursuit of his or her own well-being at all times of the day.


Matt is a brand owned by A&D S.p.A., a company that is part of a Group active in the production and distribution of Food Supplements, Functional and Organic Foods and Wellness Cosmetics.
The Group’s Plants ensure state-of-the-art technologies in the production of Food Supplements in different intake forms and Vegetable Beverages, Juices and Creams with ingredients from Organic farming.

In 2020, it joined the group. B.F. S.p.A. , a joint-stock company listed on the Italian organized Electronic Stock Market, heading a group of companies operating in the agro-industrial, livestock and innovative technological services for the benefit of operators in the agricultural sector. These include Bonifiche Ferraresi S.p.A. Società Agricola, which, with its 7,750 hectares (100% Italy, in Emilia, Tuscany, Sardinia, etc.), is the largest Italian farm by Utilized Agricultural Area (UAA).

This gave rise to a new Group Holding Company, named Progetto Benessere Italia S.r.l.

Also owned by the Group is. Forsan , an Italian natural cosmetics brand operating in Modern Distribution, appreciated for more than 30 years by all consumers who seek innovative and effective products for their beauty and well-being.

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