“A Project of hospitality, instruction and education in the Matt house in Cuddalore-Tamil Nadu-India to prepare orphaned girls, disadvantaged or victims of abuse, to believe in a dream, that of a better future.”

The Matt Project is born in memory of Matteo, who loved studies and work, trips, India, and his children.

The story starts in 2004, with one of the most catastrophic disasters of modern times, the Tsunami that hit the Indian Ocean, especially the southern region of Tamil Nadu.

The Matt Project, which embodies what Matteo would have done, was designed to host, instruct, and educate orphan girls in the Matt House. The objective being to give a dream to disadvantaged girls, living alone in conditions of extreme poverty and often the victims of abuse. The dream of a better future fully respected as daughters, as wives, as mothers, as workers, as professionals, as free and independent women.

Over the years, these girls have grown in number; today there are 35, from ages 4 to 17. Their needs have also evolved, making it necessary to provide a bigger more modern House and a suitable Staff to meet the objectives set by the Matt Project, that is, to prepare the girls to achieve a better future.

On April 7, 2018, in the presence of President Aldo Sacchi and of the Chief Executive Officer Stefano Sacchi, together with their families, the New House was inaugurated in Cuddalore-Tamil Nadu, in southern India. And, so, Matt’s dream to give the girls a “New Matt House” became a reality.

Today, occupying about 1,500 square meters of ground, with further building expansion already planned, sits Matt House, with its 800 square meters of exposed red brick, its external walls in the traditional Jail style to create shadows and natural air flow, its two stories and large terrace overlooking the sea, the river, and the beauty of the surrounding countryside.

The rooms are simply and comfortably furnished: living room, study area, recreational area, dining room, bedrooms, bathrooms, infirmary, kitchen, laundry, and service room. Not to be forgotten, are the amenities necessary to offer good hospitality and education: reading nooks, computer workstations, wifi systems of communication, television, stereo and projection systems and security systems with video surveillance.

Those desiring to participate in the project can send a donation to:
Account payable to Matteo Sacchi Foundation
IBAN: IT39 E030 6901 7891 0000 0001 225

The specialized, full-time resident staff is made up of 8 people: a director, 2 teachers, 2 nannies, 2 cooks, 1 gardener and 1 chauffeur/guardian handy man.

Matt House and its staff share the goal of accompanying the girls as they live and grow, learn to respect themselves, to respect the people and things around them as if they belonged to them, to study and cultivate hobbies and passions, to develop their own independent thought which will prepare them for a better tomorrow as daughters, wives, mothers, and workers in a complicated society.

Matt House is the first recognized and courageous example of a modern home for hospitality, instruction, and education in Tamil Nadu-South India.

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