“Research and treatment of oncological and pediatric diseases”

From 1994 City of Hope Foundation set itself the goal to improve treatment and assistance conditions for children with onco-hematological pathologies, as well as financing scientific research in the pediatric area. Thanks to the help of companies, associations, private citizens, and volunteers, it has achieved and sustains:

  • The Pediatric Onco-hematology Clinic in Padova, national reference center for the diagnosis of leukemia, lymphomas e sarcomas. This means that all children, resident in Italy or from foreign countries, are guaranteed a certain diagnosis within 30 hours and the best treatment protocols.
  • Città della Speranza Pediatric Research Institute, the largest European research center in this area, treats pediatric pathologies under different aspects to multiply the possibilities of success in terms of new discoveries. The areas of research most often represented are pediatric oncology; stem cell transplants and gene therapy; regenerative medicine; nanomedicine; genetics and rare diseases; predictive medicine; immunology and neuroimmunology.
    The work done City of Hope has strongly contributed to the rise in cure rates, bringing them from approximately 30% in 1994 to 85% today. Treatment protocols, developed in its laboratories, have been adopted in 51 countries around the world.

More information available at www.cittadellasperanza.org.

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