Matt Beauty is a new and exclusive Line of dietary supplements that offers solutions specifically formulated to help maintain the beauty of skin and hair.

 “Nutricosmetics is the care of the beauty of the body, particularly the skin and hair, by taking dietary supplements.”
The concept of “Nutricosmetics” is supported by dermatologists, aesthetic physicians and nutritionists, who recognize the health potential of “beauty from within.”

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Hydrolyzed Collagen Matt

Hydrolyzed collagen 3000

Delays wrinkles Genetic factors, diet, smoke, exposure to sun, smog e stress can accelerate the physiological drop in collagen, the essential protein naturally present in our body, that is responsible...
Biorifoltin Matt Hair

Biorifoltin Hair

Thick and shiny hair The beauty of our hair can be impacted by different factors, such as aggressive cosmetic treatments, stress, seasonal changes or advancing age, that can make them...
Q10 Hyaluronic Acid Matt

Q10 Hyaluronic Acid

Q10 with vitamin c Various factors impact our skin’s beauty: smog, exposure to the sun, smoke, diet, or simply the passage of time, rob it of luminosity, tone, and compactness....
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