Matt offers a complete line of effervescents that guarantee the intake of the most important vitamins and minerals, essential for psychophysical well-being.

Vigor Matt


Vitamins & Minerals Sugar-free, with sweeteners. Vigour is a complete multivitamin multimineral food supplement in effervescent tablets. Pack of 20 effervescent tablets | Orange flavor | Contents 90 g


Digestive Effervescent Matt DigerSì is a food supplement of Calcium in effervescent tablets. Calcium contributes to the normal function of digestive enzymes. Made in Switzerland | Pack of 20 effervescent...
Matt Recharge


Potassium & Magnesium Sugar-free, with sweeteners Recharge is a food supplement of Potassium and Magnesium in effervescent tablets, useful for providing a supplementary quota of these nutrients in cases of...
Energy Matt


Taurine and Caffeine Energy is a food supplement containing Taurine, Caffeine and Group B Vitamins. Caffeine promotes mental performance and the ability to concentrate. Group B Vitamins contribute to normal...


Vitamin C Vitamin C aids the normal function of the immune system and reduces fatigue and strain. Pack of 20 effervescent tablets | Orange flavor | Contents 90 g
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