Remedies for restful sleep

Remedies for restful sleep

When it comes to sleep, there are many scientific theories about its function, but they all agree that it is a fundamental activity for our bodies.

In the past, it was thought that sleeping 8 hours guaranteed perfect physiological recovery, but today we are beginning to realize that the ideal amount of rest may be different for each of us. On average, most people find refreshment in 7 to 9 hours of sleep.

If you happen to have a night when you cannot get the hours of sleep you need, you should not think you are suffering from a disease; we all know the feeling of turning over in bed, changing the position of the pillow and getting up repeatedly. Then again, thoughts, worries, stress or the effects of jet lag are not conducive to good sleep.

But some people who face such nights often, very often, are the people who suffer from insomnia. Sufferers perceive their sleep as inadequate, insufficient, poor quality, that is, they are unable to enjoy restful sleep. You know when we wake up in the morning and already feel tired as if we haven’t slept? It means that sleep has not performed its natural function, which is to prepare both the body and the mind to face a new day.

This disorder is widespread, estimated to be experienced occasionally by more than half of the population, with women and the elderly population being the most affected groups.

There are, however, several good habits we can adopt to combat insomnia and promote good rest. Some of these are:

  • Learn proper breathing techniques so as to promote sleep
  • Practicing yoga or relaxation classes
  • Follow a proper lifestyle
  • Going to bed at about the same time all the time
  • Sleeping on top of a mattress that suits your needs
  • Adjust the temperature of the bedroom. Excessive heat or cold can make it difficult to fall asleep
  • If necessary, use earplugs
  • Focus on something pleasant, trying to push away the worries of the day
  • Taking a warm bath before bedtime constitutes a good, pleasant and relaxing remedy for insomnia

In addition to good habits, some remedies such as melatonin and valerian can be very helpful.

Valerian is found to be helpful in promoting relaxation and sleep for a restful night’s rest.

Melatonin, in addition to being a valuable aid for those who have difficulty during the falling asleep stages, helps alleviate the effects of jet lag.

These are simple tricks that are within everyone’s reach but can really make a difference.

It is true that a good morning is seen in the morning, but how could there be a “good morning” without a sound sleep?

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