Stretch Marks Cream


Stretch Mark Cream is an active treatment that helps prevent and counteract the appearance of atrophic striae (stretch marks) by improving the appearance of existing ones through increased hydration and skin elasticity.
Its innovative formula is composed of a high concentration of Dermoclorella, a protein-rich micro green algae extract, and the latest generation of low molecular weight Bioactive Hyaluronic Acid.
The active ingredients in the formula provide regenerative action and help fight free radicals while protecting the skin, nourishing and recompacting the treated skin areas. Thanks to its soft and enveloping texture, it is also suitable for sensitive skin. Dermatologically tested on sensitive skin. Tested for heavy metals.


After 4 weeks, the skin feels more elastic and firm, improving its appearance.

Dermatologist’s Check confirms an improvement in skin firmness and elasticity, key properties for preventing the formation of blemishes. Regular use of the cream makes the skin smoother, firmer and more toned by improving the appearance of existing stretch marks and preventing new ones from forming.



– Moisturizing

– Emollient

– Recompacting

4-week clinical study of 20 women

Cream 200 ML

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