Argan Oil


Forsan Argan Oil contains Argan Oil, derived from the prized fruit of the Argania Spinosa tree, a plant characteristic of Morocco. The thousand-year-old Argan trees have been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Argan Oil, also known as “Liquid Gold,” due to its known antioxidant properties, helps prevent signs of aging by giving the treated skin a renewed appearance.

Certified Natural Cosmetics (CCPB)

Contents 50 ml | Made in Italy



Argan oil is Green planet because…

  • 100% natural
  • Of plant origin, suitable for vegans
  • with recycled cardboard
  • With cardboard from responsibly managed forests
  • with 100% recyclable packaging
  • supports the Treedom project




Thanks to the Treedom Project ahelp give a new forest to the planet.

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