Hands on.
Format of meetings and recipes by Antonio Lorenzon.

From the collaboration between Matt, a 100% Italian brand that offers organic and functional foods in large-scale distribution, and Antonio Lorenzon, winner of the 9th edition of MasterChef, comes “Mani in Pasta,” a new format dedicated to cooking enthusiasts and beyond.

The project kicked off with the presentation of six recipes from the classic Italian culinary tradition, revisited by the creative flair of the Bassano chef and enriched by Matt’s organic and functional food products, during a Show Cooking inside Matt’s Flagship Store in Milan, Largo Zandonai 3.

The three-day course was attended by 24 people, who learned the technique and mastery of good cooking skills through the skilled dexterity of the chef, so that they had a unique experience.

Gnocchi, noodles, tortelli, shortcrust pastry and brisée dough: these are some of the “basic” preparations that every food lover or food lover should be able to make. Techniques and knowledge handed down from generation to generation to bring the flavors of Italian tradition to the table: because there is nothing more beautiful than a dish prepared at home with love.

The combination of Antonio’s eclectic, simple yet choreographic cooking and Matt’s wholesome, quality products is the perfect mix to bring to the everyday table.

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