A summary of Matt Project

Solidarity is of pivotal importance for Matt and deserves maximum respect.


Cuddalore - Tamil Nadu - India del Sud

The "Matt Project" has been created in memory of Matteo who knew and loved India, as well as in the spirit of "Matt. Nutre il tuo benessere" (Matt. It nourishes your wellbeing). Through the help of a dear friend of us, who has been working for many years in Southern India and has established several Solidarity Houses in this area, it has been possible to make our dream come true, i.e. creating the "Matt Home" in Cuddalore, Tamilnadu, hosting orphaned, very poor, and abused young girls. Thanks to a staff of loving specialists, we try to help girls find a peaceful life, we teach them to cultivate their hobbies, and we accompany them through a study programme. Our aim is to offer them the opportunity to follow a dream, which is very clear in their eyes: the hope for a future characterised by independence, happiness, projects, and, hopefully, "wellbeing".

The "Matt Home" currently hosts 35 girls, but other 37 girls have already been supported for many years through the Matt project: they no longer stay in the House are now happily living their lives as wives and mums, as employees, or as high-school or university students, always supervised by the careful eye of "Matt Home".


Where do girls live?

Currently the girls are hosted in 2 comfortable houses with garden which have received an important award by the "Indian National Committee for children protection". Both houses include a veranda, a hall, a kitchen equipped with all the necessary domestic appliances, a living room which is used as a playroom, study room, television and dining room, a bed dorm and a bathroom.


Who cares for girls

Girls are looked after by:
1 coordinator, 1 director
1 assistant, 2 cooks
1 driver/gardener/jack of all trades With love and competence, the aforementioned people are in charge of following girls in their lives, study, entertainment and house management.


A typical day


  • h. 6.30 am Girls wake up and get ready for school.
  • h. 7.30 am Breakfast for everyone, prepared by the cook in the Indian tradition.
  • h. 8.00 am With backpack and uniform, the driver takes them to school, on board Matt bus.
  • h. 4.30 pm They are back from school, and they have the whole afternoon for studying, playing and attending new dancing, swimming, karate, singing classes, helped by both teacher and mummy.
  • h. 7.00 pm All girls and their assistants have dinner together in the main room.
  • h. 8.00 pm Some television, music and playing activities.
  • h. 9.00 pm Everyone goes to bed after praying, each according to their individual traditions.


Many girls love practicing dance, and the available stereo system helps them nurture this passion. Girls also like riding their bikes, they watch television under Mummy's careful supervision, and if the weather conditions are good, they go to the beach or to the park. During the years, trips are organised to let them visit temples, zoos, museums or amusing places, always on board Matt bus.


Anyone wishing to directly support the Project with additional funding can do it by doing a transfer to BNL / PARIBAS payable to:

Associazione Innocente Binda Onlus

IBAN: IT 44 U 01005 01600 000000004911
Reason: Project Matt

Each donation will be followed by the dispatch of a certification is helpful to the tax deduction based on the terms provided by law.