Scary Tartufini


(Dose for 20 truffles of 25 g each, approximately)

– 65 g of milk chocolate

– 125 g of Zuccarelli cookies

– 75 g of hazelnut kernels

– 100 g dark chocolate

– cocoa powder to taste.

– 25 g butter (possibly clarified)

– 50 g of powdered sugar

– 40 g of hazelnut paste


With a meat tenderizer, inside a clean dishcloth, reduce the cookies to crumbs and collect it in a bowl. Melt the broken chocolates in a bain-marie, and with the flame off, incorporate the butter and hazelnut paste. Mix the
all with powdered sugar and crumbled Zuccarelli cookies. Transfer the uniform mixture to the refrigerator, covered with foil, and let it rest for 1 h. After the necessary time has elapsed, shape the dough into 20 balls of 25 g each and roll them in a bowl with cocoa powder. Place the truffles on a nice tray and let them rest for 2 h at room temperature before serving.

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