The Kcalory line is designed to offer weight control and draining products that, combined with a balanced diet, accompany us throughout the day, helping us to regain the right weight.

KCalory Drena Matt

Kcalory Diuretic

To drain fluids Pineapple facilities the elimination of body fluids reducing he accumulation of liquids in the tissues. It is also a valid help for treating the skin imperfections caused...
Kcalory Metabolism Activator Matt

Kcalory Metabolism Activator

Dual-action metabolism activator The Matt metabolism activator is a double-acting food supplement made of fucus, yerba mate, guarana, and vitamins. The Fucus alga is a recognized metabolism stimulant which, together...
KCalory Chitosan Matt

KCalory Chitosan

Weight control Matt Chitosan has an exclusive formula containing Chitosan Chrome, Cassia Nomame and Opuntia Ficus (Prickly Pear). Chitosan, whose properties have always been known, is a natural fiber extracted...
KCalory Fat Burner Matt

Kcalory Fatburning thermogenct Night

Reduce fat accumulation Night is the moment when all the functions of our organism slow down, including our metabolism. Matt Kcalory Fatburning thermogenct NIGHT is a supplement made with Coleus...
KCalory KO Matt

KCalory Ko

Metabolism of fats, sugars and proteins Matt Kcalory Ko is a supplement containing French Bean, Chitosan, Gymnemate, Vitamin PP, Pantothenic Acid, Vitamin B6, Chrome and vegetable extracts. Chrome contributes to...
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