Valerian hawthorn

Sleep and relaxation

Today’s frenetic lifestyle can negatively affect the quality of our sleep, making it difficult to enjoy a paceful, restful night’s sleep.
Nature comes to our aid with plants that have always been know in popular tradition for their properties of providing good, restorative sleep.
Valerian and Hawthorn promote relaxation and sleep.
Matt Valerian Hawthorn tablets maintain, unaltered, all the characteristics of the herbal ingredients used, promoting relaxation and sleep.

Blister pack of 40 tablets | Contents 28 g | Made in Italy

Valerian Hawthorn is Green planet because…
  • Functional ingredients 100% of plant origin.
  • With cardboard from responsibly managed forests.
  • Produced in a factory that uses energy from renewable sources and applies good practices for environmental sustainability.
  • Also suitable for vegan diet.
  • Supports the Treedom project.
Thanks to the Treedom Project, every pack purchased
help give a new Matt forest to the planet.
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