Aloe Vera 1 Liter

pure pulp – depurative

The peoples of South America have always recognized the many properties of Aloe, including its purifying and soothing qualities.
Matt PURE Aloe Vera can be useful to support the body’s purifying fuction and, thanks to its soothing action, promotes the well-being of digestive system. The new formulation with 100% pure juice is naturally rich in precious pieces of pulp extracted directly from the inner part of the leaves and is obtained by a cold extraction method that preserves, unaltered, all beneficial properties of the plants.


The raw material used for Matt PURE Aloe Vera is carefully selected: only the inner part of the leaves of the plant is used and is accurately cold extracted to preserve all its beneficial substances. The Aloe Barbadensis plants come from South America and are cultivated in carefully selected areas. Workers who cut the leaves carefully check the integrity of the inner pulp, in order to obtain a superior quality product. The bark is removed manually and the pulp undergoes a special process which extracts the juice cold, without using chemical solvents.

Packaged in bottle with measuring cup | Contents 1 L l Made in Italy

PURE Aloe Vera is Green planet because…
  • Functional ingredients 100% of plant origin.
  • Produced in a factory that uses energy from renewable sources and applies good practices for environmental sustainability.
  • Also suitable for vegan diet.
  • Supports the Treedom project
Thanks to the Treedom Project, every pack purchased
help give a new Matt forest to the planet.
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