Ginseng Extract 100% Pure

Pure energy

Ginseng is known in the ancient oriental tradition for its unparalleled tonic and adaptogenic effect. It is able to promote the balance of the body’s various physiological functions. Korean Ginseng is considered the best among the different known types of ginseng, thanks to the climate characteristics and the particularly rich terrain in which it grows. Crown Korean Ginseng, 100% pure, in soft extract, has an high concentration of ginsenosides thanks to its special characteristics: utilization of the entire root allows the complete exploitation of the herbal principles in all its parts; extraction at 80° under vacuum to ensure better availability of the plant principles; maximum concentration of the extract.

Why you should choose CROWN Ginseng:

  • Total utilisation of the root to allow maximum exploitation of all plant principles.
  • Extraction at 80° under vacuum (not by boiling) to ensure the best concentration of plant principles.
  • Maximum concentration of ginsenosides for a more rapid and effective action.

Packaged in glass jar with measuring spoon | Contents 20 g

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