PanLight Organic Corn and Rice

Corn and rice slices without yeast

PanLight Organic Corn and Rice is a valid alternative to bread It has an unmistakably unique taste thanks to a perfect harmony betweenthe full flavor of cornand the delicate flavor of rice. Low-fat, yeast-free and gluten-free, it can be a valuable aid for those who want to eat healthily and keep fit.

Whoever wants to eat healthily and stay find will find it a valid helps because it has a low-fat content and is yeast and gluten free. It is an excellent alternative in the case of yeast intolerance because it contains no yeast or other leavening agents, whether natural or chemical. It is an ideal substitute for bread and crackers at breakfast, break time or meals and a tasty snack at any time of the day. Each package contains 10 individually sealed portions that guarantee freshness as well as convenience away from home The slices inside are protected by 10 freshness-saving packets to ensure all the fragrance of the product, as well as offering greater convenience in eating out.



… not just organic

– Vegetable product
– low-fat
– Gluten Free
– without yeast

150 g pack | Made in Italy

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