Unleavened Bread Bio 200 g

The original Kosher from Israel without yeast

Organic Unleavened Bread is a valid alternative to bread, produced according to rigorous, authentic Jewish religious tradition. Yeast-free, salt-free, with no added sugars and low in fat, it can be a valid help for those who want to eat healthily and stay fit. The absence of yeast or leavening agents, make it an excellent choice in cases of intolerance to those ingredients, whether natural or chemical. The absence of salt is also useful for those wanting to keep their salt intake under control.
The slices are packaged in two practical stay-fresh packages to guarantee good taste and convenience even away from home.



… not just organic

  • Vegetable product
  • Yeast-free
  • Without added sugars°
  • Low in fat
  • Without salt

° contains naturally occurring sugars

200 g package

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