Tea Tree Calendula Cream

Multi-use soothing

Forsan Tea Tee Calendula Cream is a multi-use cream with soothing and protective properties that provides relief to the skin while counteracting redness and irritation. Due to the traditional anti-inflammatory properties of Calendula and anti-septic anti-inflammatory properties of Tea Tree, this cream is indicated in the cosmetic treatment of skin burns, irritations and redness. It also promotes an optimal level of skin hydration.

Contents 50 ml | Made in Italy



Tea Tree Calendula Cream is Green planet because…

  • with 100% natural active ingredients
  • With highly concentrated actives
  • no ingredients of animal origin, suitable for vegans
  • with 100% recyclable packaging
  • supports the Treedom project




Thanks to the Treedom Project ahelp give a new forest to the planet.

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