Plant Retinol Cream Serum


The Creamy Serum from the new Matt Plant Retinol line is a creamy serum with the exclusive Revinage®, a plant extract of Bidens Pilosa obtained from the plant of the same name and blended with vegetable oils, with Retinol-like activity capable of smoothing wrinkles by redefining facial contours and improving skin elasticity and tone by recompacting the skin.

Together with Vitamin E, it also allows for improved complexion radiance.

Effective already when used alone, it can be applied before the DAY AND NIGHT Anti-Ageing Cream from the same line for an enhanced synergistic effect.

**Ingredient produced by organic farming.

Dermatologically tested on sensitive skin.

Suitable for normal and sensitive skin.

SIERO 30 ml | Made in Italy




Plant Retinol Cream Serum is Green planet because…

  • with 100% natural active ingredients
  • With highly concentrated actives
  • with Revinage® approved Cosmos by Ecoocert
  • With no ingredients of animal origin, suitable for vegans
  • unscented
  • With cardboard from responsibly managed forests
  • With cardboard free of optical brighteners and chlorine
  • with 100% recyclable packaging
  • With environmentally friendly printing inks




Thanks to the Treedom Project ahelp give a new forest to the planet.

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