Henna Brown


Henna are plants known since ancient times as natural dyes and are traditionally referred to in herbal literature to dye hair, strengthen it and keep it healthy. Hennaes act on the outer surface of the hair, creating an impermeable sheath that protects it from external agents, making it stronger and visibly shiny.

Henna Castano Forsan, made from Henna and Cassia Italica, gives hair brown highlights. In light hair it brings out their hue with golden brown or auburn highlights, in dark hair it makes the natural shade brighter. It can be useful for covering white or gray hair.

Pack 2 x 50 g single-dose pouches with disposable gloves | Contents 100 g



Henna Brown is Green planet because…

  • with vegetable dyes
  • Without animal ingredients, suitable for vegans
  • with recycled cardboard
  • With cardboard from responsibly managed forests
  • supports the Treedom project




Thanks to the Treedom Project ahelp give a new forest to the planet.

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