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From the Matt® cosmetic research laboratories, comes the innovative AGEAGEACTIV Vegetal Collagen Plumping Shock Treatment that, thanks to its exclusive formula enhanced by Tonic Boost, combats the loss of skin tone and elasticity and prevents the formation of wrinkles to give you compact, firm skin.

  • Vegetal Collagen contains extract of the Senegalese acacia plant, an excellent substitute for the skin’s own collagen, which naturally supports skin and renders it compact.
  • • Tonic Boost is a mix of Algae and Vegetable Oils able to increase the production of Hyaluronic Acid, improving the skin’s hydration.

disposable vials 7 x 2 ml

It has a formulation:

  • Fragrance Free
  • With highly concentrated actives
  • With natural actives
  • No ingredients of animal origin
  • Dermatologically Tested. In vitro study. The product improves the appearance of the skin by promoting skin regeneration.


Recompacts and redensifies the skin

– Improves tissue tone

– Promotes skin elasticity

Contents 14 ml | Made in Italy

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