Antioxidant Renewal Serum Vit. C with Prebiotics Face

Antioxidant renewer

From Matt’s cosmetic research laboratories comes AGEACTIV Antioxidant Renewal Serum with Vit. C with Prebiotics.

Thanks to its unique formula, which combines the natural properties of Vitamin C and the benefits of Prebiotics, it helps skin counteract damage caused by free radicals and maintains the skin’s flora and stimulates skin renewal for a healthy and bright complexion..

Extremely effective already when used alone, it can be applied before AGEACTIVface creams for an enhanced synergistic effect.

The Antioxidant Renewing Serum with Vit. C with Prebiotics is a unique mix of active ingredients, allies of our skin’s youthfulness:

  • Vitamin C: has a profound antioxidant action due to its ability to fight free radicals, making the complexion even and the skin more radiant. Inserted in a stabilized form, it maintains its effectiveness over time.
  • Prebiotics: help strengthen the natural skin microbiota, restoring the overall well-being of the skin.

It has a formulation:

  • Fragrance Free
  • With highly concentrated actives
  • With naturally derived actives
  • No ingredients of animal origin
  • Dermatologically Tested


  • Nourishes and revitalizes the skin
  • Slows down skin aging
  • Rebalances the skin flora
  • Protects the skin from oxidative stress

Contents 30 ml | Made in Italy


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