24h Elasticizing Anti-age Cream PURE Snail Serum | Face

Elasticizing anti-aging cream

From the Matt® cosmetic research laboratories, comes AGEACTIV® 24h Elasticizing Anti-age Cream with PURE Snail Serum.

With its exclusive formula and nourishing texture, it helps the skin retain its natural elasticity, regenerating the epidermis for a toned and youthful face.

Effective already when used alone, it can be applied after the similar AGEACTIV Serum line for an enhanced synergistic effect.

Snail Slime is obtained naturally from carefully selected snails of the Helix Aspersa species through a noninvasive process that respects the animal.

Its secretion is a concentrate of proteins, minerals and antioxidants and is naturally rich in nutrients and regenerating substances that help the skin to be hydrated and firm.

It has a formulation:

  • Fragrance Free
  • With highly concentrated actives
  • With natural actives
  • Dermatologically tested


  • Regenerates the skin
  • Slows down skin aging
  • Makes skin uniform.

Contents 50 ml | Made in Italy

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