Matt partners in the “WE PLAYGROUND TOGETHER” project.

Matt supports the “We Playground Together” initiative promoted by NBA champion Danilo Gallinari in collaboration with the Milan City Council Sports Department.
The project was created with the aim of upgrading as many basketball “courts” in Milan’s neighborhoods as possible, providing for the purchase of new backboards and baskets, refurbishing playgrounds, refurbishing benches and renovating adjacent structures so that they can once again become places for young people to meet and gather, share their passion for sports and compare cultures.
On Sunday, September 9, starting at 4 p.m., the first restyling of the playground in Milan’s Vittorio Formentano Park will be unveiled. During the opening, the public will be able to take the court with the Italian basketball player and watch exciting matches in an afternoon dedicated to sports and team play.
Matt will be present as a partner and, for the occasion, will provide all attendees with ENERGY SPRINT bars from its new Matt Sport line, specifically designed to meet all the needs of athletes, from protein supplementation to energy and tonic products to salt supplements needed for recovery.
“We Playground Together” will continue with the redevelopment of two more facilities, one in 2019 and one in 2020.

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