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from Monday to Thursday
from 2.30 p.m to 5.30 p.m

Friday from 2.30 p.m to 4.30 p.m

A team of experts and graduates is available to our customers for any information regarding products or in order to provide useful advice for a correct and well-balanced diet.

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in order to stay always connected with Matt in order to share your wellbeing experiences and become part of the "Matt friends" community.



Information material

Guida Matt 2016

Wellness Guide 2016

Simple and short guide which helps discovering the universe of Matt products.

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GUIDE for a safe purchasing of dietary supplements over the Internet

a guida promoted byFedersalus (the Italian Association of Health Products’ Manufacturers and Distributors) to provide information and promote a safe purchasing of dietary supplements over the Internet.

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App Iphone iBenessere

free iPhone application which calculates your basal metabolism and body mass index, the daily calories intake recommended for your lifestyle, as well as your biorhythm.

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SC Logo Agricbio

European Organic Guarantee
The recognised European logo identifying all products arising from organic farming at European level,

logo Vegan

Vegan OK
Vegan OK is a certification which aims to promote the spread "of a culture of respect for life and the environment".
It ensures that no substance/part used is of animal origin or requires, for its production, the killing, detainment or exploitation of animals.

Logo QCI


QCertificazioni Quality Certification
A controlling body authorised by the Italian Ministry of Agricultural and Forestry Policies for the certification of quality and reliability of organic products through the whole production chain.


SC Logo K 70Px


Jerusalem Kosher
The primary Israel body guaranteeing the products complying with the strict rules imposed by Hebraism.